Supermarket Sampler Column

A nationally syndicated weekly column reviewing new grocery foods that ran in newspaper food sections around the country, co-written with registered dietitian Bonnie Tandy Leblang, in a pointcounterpoint format, for almost a quarter of a century! We wrote the history of food finds and flops in America since 1985.

Read our final two columns, where I wax rhapsodic about bagged salads (pictured to the right), among other great supermarket products of the last 25 years, beginning here. Click on the "next date" link to get to the final column (or "previous date" to browse earlier Supermarket Samplers). Want to know what we thought of a particular food product? Do a Google search on the words Carolyn, Bonnie, Sampler and the exact product name in quotes. Chances are, one of our columns will come up. Yes, in cyberspace, our opinions live on!.