My books have been called "mmm, mmm good" and "an exhilarating source of information, insight and fun." Liven up your next meeting or event with one of my fun book-based presentations, which have delighted and informed audiences at NYC's Toyota Comedy Festival, the "Big E" Eastern State Exposition, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Midwest Food Processing Conference, and Yale, Johnson & Wales, Temple, St. Joseph's and Rowan universities, and multiple libraries, bookstores and food and book festivals. Bring the entertainment value and celebrity cache of my segments on "Rosie O'Donnell," NPR's "Morning Edition" and "Fresh Air," "Fox and Friends" and frequent appearances on the Food, Travel and History channels to your group, class or program with one of the following talks:

The Great Philly Cheesesteak Book Talk
Lively and entertaining PowerPoint photo slide talk detailing the cheesesteak's creation, culture and cuisine, teaching about the cheesesteak's creation and how Pat Olivieri helped it to gain national renown; the cheesesteak's meat, bread and cheese ingredients (including the answer to the eternal riddle: What is wit the Whiz?); and virtual visits to some of the premiere practitioners of the cheesesteak-making art and their stories, which encompass life-threatening illness, family loyalty and betrayal, Mob hits, bitter business rivalries, racial slurs and the aversion of a potentially disastrous bridge collapse. Twenty to 1.5-hour programs are possible, wit' or wit'out Q&A, signed copies of the "Great Philly Cheesesteak Book" upon which this talk is based and catered cheesesteak samples. Versions for visitors and local steak fans hungry for entertainment and information about Philly's favorite food.

"We learned a lot about Philadelphia cheesesteaks and were also entertained by your photos and wonderful sense of humor." – Iris Cutler, Osher Lifelong Learning Center, Temple University

"Your presentation … was fantastic! The students enjoy[ed] every moment of it!" – Lauren Bell, Y.A.L.E. School, Cherry Hill, N.J.

"Yours is one of the most enjoyable and fun author events I've ever been to. I laughed so hard!" – Nan Alderson, audience member, Free Library of Philadelphia presentation

Trademarked Tastes: Stories Behind America's Best-Loved Foods.
Why does the Green Giant never walk on TV? Where was Philadelphia Cream Cheese first made? (Hint: It wasn't Philadelphia.) I divulge the answers to these and many more curiosities about consumables during this slide lecture, which opens America's kitchen cupboards to present the fascinating stories behind America's best-loved foods, their inventors, packaging, names and advertising campaigns. Based on my books, "I'm A Spam Fan: America's Best-Loved Foods" and "Better Than Homemade: Amazing Foods That Changed the Way We Eat." Forty-five to 1.5-hour programs possible, with or without Q&A and book signing. Great for anyone who eats, but especially convention spousal programs, women's groups; and economics or culinary students.

Why Spam Should Be the Official National Food
Prop-filled speech detailing how I came to write "Spam: A Biography" and how the amazing story of Spam's invention and marketing and outside-the-cupboard life as the subject of festivals, websites and poetry justifies it – even more than apple pie or hamburgers or hot dogs -- to be named America's official national food. Thirty to 1.5-hour programs possible, with or without Q&A, book signing and accompanying Spam cooking demo or recipe contest. A favorite of veterans groups and college students.

"Your Spam presentation was such a hit!" - Karen Stone, Cradle of the Invasion Conference, Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons, Md.

Why the Processed Food Industry is So Great: A Food Writer/Eater's Perspective
Of course it's more fashionable to trash processed foods. But in this 20-to-45-minute non-illustrated slightly tongue-in-cheek speech, I talk about the origins of the processed food industry and all the good things they have brought to our lives and society (like increasing our vegetable intake, erasing nutritional diseases like beriberi, and giving us all time to do other things with our lives than shell peas). Addresses such au courant food topics as the obesity crisis, locivores and the recession's affect on food sales and looks into the crystal ball to posit the future of the industry in the organic age. Also available in a Thanksgiving-time and themed version titled "Tofurky, Canned Gravy and Jell-O Cranberry Waldorf Salad: How the American Processed Food Industry has Transformed Thanksgiving and Every Other American Meal, for Better or Worse." Entertaining lunch or dinner speech for food industry professionals and women's groups; informative and provocative lecture for college economics or culinary school students.

“A thoroughly delightful, thought-provoking, politically incorrect presentation.” – Spencer J. Pack, professor of economics, Connecticut College

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